Automated window accents, also known as motorized window treatments, offer an extra level of convenience and control over traditional manual window treatments.

Automate your window accents

Our automated window treatments can be easily controlled using a remote, making it simple to adjust the amount of light or privacy in a room. This is particularly useful for hard-to-reach windows or for those with mobility issues. Many automated window treatments can be set to open or close at specific times of the day, allowing you to program them to suit your schedule. Convineint for those who are away from home for long periods of time, as it allows you to control the light and temperature in your home remotely.

Smart Home Integration

Our automated window treatments can be integrated with smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to control them using voice commands. This makes it easy to adjust the window treatments without having to get up or search for a remote.

Looking for enhanced security? Automated window treatments can be programmed to close when you are away from home, providing an extra layer of security. This can help to deter burglars and protect your home from prying eyes.

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