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Shutters Blinds Drapes Screens
Each window brings with it unique challenges.  Whether the need is for light control, privacy or both, Southern Window Accents has a product capable of meeting your every need.

Shutters Blinds Drapes Screens


Interior shutters, often referred to as plantation shutters, are one of the most versatile, timeless and elegant window treatments available.  Southern Window Accents’ shutters are designed to fit any size or shape. This includes, sliding glass doors, specialty shapes and french doors.  

Blinds & Shades

Shades and blinds come in all shapes, sizes and materials that have been a go-to window treatment for centuries.  Blinds have slats that can be tilted to control light and privacy levels. Because of this, blinds are known as a tiltable window treatment. They come in both horizontal and vertical orientations to cover a wide range of window and door applications.


No matter the size, shape or color, Southern Window Accents can deliver you a custom made treatment that is sure to satisfy.


Patio and sliding doors represent a challenge to cover.  While they yield great views, they are also sources of energy inefficiency.  Southern Window Accents provides a number of custom treatments that are energy efficient, convenient and attractive.

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