Whether you have custom windows or unique window sizes, custom drapes fit those windows perfectly.

Custom Drapes

Custom Drapes

choose materials that match your style

When it comes to elegance and style, ready-made curtains just don’t do the trick. Southern Window Accents tailor-made drapery solutions are designed to fit your window specifically with full panels that are sewn to the perfect length and drapery rods cut to size. Our draperies are custom made and hand-sewn by professional tailors using double-turned and blind stitched hems, threading to match the drapes, and weighted corners for elegant draping.

Add elegance to any room.

When you welcome Southern Window Accents into your home we want to give you the best experience possible. When our designers come to your home you can expect them to guide you through the process and give you their expert opinion to help you pick out the perfect drapes for your home.

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